This section highlights what academics will look like in the virtual setting,

including sample student schedules. It also outlines support for English language

learners and special education services. 



Overarching Goals of Scheduling:

  • Students receive a consistent, quality education, regardless of delivery model.

  • A minimum of 220 minutes of high quality learning for grades K-4 and 230 minutes of high quality learning for grades 5-8.

  • Students are provided synchronous (scheduled) learning opportunities throughout the week for each course.

  • Schools and families are provided flexibility to continue learning through a combination of synchronous (scheduled) and asynchronous (self-paced) support. 

Scheduling Responsibilities

  • Each week, each teacher must provide scheduled learning opportunities for each of their classes via Canvas and Zoom. The schedule should be consistent from week to week. 

  • Scheduled learning opportunities should be recorded and posted in each class’s Canvas course for later reference. 

  • To ensure no conflicting classes for students, scheduled learning opportunities should only be offered within the block of time the class would meet in an in-person setting. 

  • Teachers will ensure services for students with disabilities and English learners are scheduled. 

  • Teachers will include scheduled office hours daily for students to get one-on-one support. Please refer to the previous page for staff office hours and crew schedules.


Below are the daily services that will be provided to English Learners:

  • ELl will occur daily for designated students in a virtual setting.

  • Virtual ELL services align with grade-level standards and curriculum.

  • The service model used for in-person instruction continues to the virtual setting.

  • All sheltered ELD/ELA classes, co-teaching, or services move to virtual settings. 

  • Individual Education Plans: The process for updating and utilizing Individual Education Plans is the same for in-person and virtual. ELLevation can be accessed virtually.


TAG Services 

  • Students designated as TAG will continue to be serviced virtually.  Please reach out to your TAG coordinator to help assist you in providing specialized supports. 


IEP and 504 Meetings

  • Annual IEP/504 meetings will convene virtually as scheduled or requested.

  • Special Education teachers are expected to function the same for a virtual setting as in-person.

  • Questions about the implementation of a student’s IEP/504, contact your child’s school principal, 504 coordinator or special education teacher via email.
    In addition to equitable access to core content, students must receive services as outlined in their individual education programs (IEPs).


Materials and Devices Distribution

  • Curriculum packets will be distributed monthly on the first Wednesday of each month. 


  • City View will evaluate the balance between synchronous and asynchronous instruction 4 weeks into the school year and solicit feedback from teachers and parents 

  • The purpose is to ensure best instructional virtual practices to deliver the CDL model

  • Based on feedback scheduling may be adjusted to better accommodate student needs.