The new 2020-21 attendance guidelines outlined by the Oregon Department of

Education will be used for positive attendance reporting to track students that

actively participate in instructional distance learning.  If a student is absent on

a school day when they are expected to participate, the school should report

the day absent as excused or unexcused, just as they would for a regular absence.

Students who are unable to actively participate in remote learning at no fault of

their own due to lack of technology or other required resources should be coded as

an excused absence and provided the opportunity for make-up work.

Attendance will be taken in the following ways: a check-in form, participating in video calls and lessons, turning in an assignment, or electronic/phone communication with the student within a 24 hour period of time.  If your student is going to be absent please contact their classroom teacher and front office in advance.  Teachers will take attendance daily at 3:30 daily.  Students who engage in school work submission/completion between 3:30 pm and 12:00 am. will be counted as present.  Attendance will be manually adjusted the following day.  Robo calls for absences will be sent out at 5:00 daily.