City View's online platform for virtual learning is Canvas.  Training videos on these platforms

will be offered by City View school teams and our internal Technology Support. Additionally,

Technology Support will have help desk support that families can access. 

Our school uses Zoom to connect through video, audio calls, chat, document sharing and screen

sharing. The Zoom app is available for Android and iOS.  Zoom will be used for synchronous virtual

instruction. For asynchronous learning opportunities, teachers will record lessons that students

can access during their self-paced learning. Students can log in to their City View accounts with

their City View credentials.  If students need help logging in to any of their school accounts, or resetting their passwords, they can call the Tech Support at 503-376-8552.



Families qualifying for free or reduced lunch are eligible to receive a code good for six months of internet access through Comcast Internet Essentials. This is the fastest and most stable way to connect. Hotspots are also available to any family that needs an internet connection.

Help Desk

  • Help Desk Hours

  • Hours: 7:30 am - 4pm

  • Phone: 503-376-8552

  • *Subject to change

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Canvas is City View’s Learning Management System or LMS. It’s an organizational framework for students to interact with teachers and courses, all in one place. Students can login to Canvas and see all their course content. The Canvas Student app is also available for iOS and Android.

Parents may sign up for a Canvas "Observer" account. Parents (Observers) can link their Canvas account to their student's account so they can see assignment dues dates, announcements, and other course content. Observers can view the course content but cannot participate in the course.


NOTE: Grades are still posted in Parent Vue.  Please ensure that you have updated your information.  

ParentVUE is a web portal that allows parents to access real-time information related to their student's education progress.  Parents can view their student's attendance, grades, assignments, and more.  ParentVUE offers a single sign-on to view school information for all of their children, regardless of the grade level or school of attendance.


This section is designed to help parents and students access the information they need to continue instruction.  If you have already set up your Canvas account, please log-in using the buttons in section #1.  If you have not set up your Canvas account, please use the directions in section #2.


All parents and guardians should ensure that your Canvas account log-in is set up for online learning.


Should you have any difficulties with you Canvas log-in, please email your child’s teacher, submit a tech support ticket or send an email to:


If you do not have access to home internet or other technological needs please call 503-376-8552



Students and parents can access through

Students: Log in using your City View Account.  You will need to create a password the first time you log in.


To sign up for a Parent Account from the website it is advised to have your child with you so you can create the pairing code together. It is also advised to have two browser tabs open at the same time so you can easily switch between the two.

Here is a video to walk you through the process:


1.  Have your child log into their City View account via Gmail.  Once logged into the City View account, go to:

2. Have your student log into their account.

3.  Then have your child follow the directions on this link How do I generate a pairing code for an observer as a student

4.  Parents, visit the City View Log in Page (DO NOT LOG IN YET) locate and click "Click Parent of a Canvas User? Click Here For an Account"

5.  You will need to provide your name, an email address as well as the "pairing code" that your child provided you from their account in step 2. 


We know that for most of our students and parents, virtual learning will be a very new experience. Our Student Services and Academic Teams will be hosting live events in the coming weeks to help students and families better prepare and understand what school will look like in the virtual environment.  

Parent learning opportunities  are scheduled on for Sept 11th starting at 5:30 pm


How Do I Navigate Canvas

CVCS Top 10 Tips for Parents

Canvas Observer Guide

Canvas Observer Visibility

Observer Overview Video Guide

Canvas Parent App Overview

Canvas Registration




City View’s learning management system is Canvas and the hub of the digital classroom.  Students in grades K to 8 will visit Canvas to check their calendar for upcoming due dates, access course materials, and submit assignments.  Parents can use Canvas to keep up with their student’s calendar and assignments.  Access to Canvas will be provided through the SSO student login and Canvas app (Canvas Parent - Apps on Google Play).


Flipgrid is a free video discussion platform for CVCS students that can be used on any mobile device or computer. It allows our teachers to both see and hear from students in class.  This platform will be used to provide asynchronous virtual instruction to K-8 students. In Flipgrid, educators post discussion prompts or videos and students respond with short videos. The Flipgrid app is available for Android and iOS. For more information, click here. 

Visit for more resources, links, and other sources of pertinent information. 



Zoom is a video conferencing platform that is now more commonly used in schools.  Zoom allows teachers to interact with students virtually using screen sharing, white board, special icons and chat room features.  Feel free to download the app on Zoom’s website.



GoGuardian is City View’s filtering program to monitor and filter communication and content.  Parents can download the parent app to ensure that their student is using devices safely and productively.