How will my child access content?

  • Virtual lessons will be posted in the online learning 

  • system, Canvas, which students can access through 

  • their school email and password.  

What if I don’t have a laptop or tablet? What if I don’t have Wi-Fi?

  • City View will be distributing devices to students who do not have one. Also, Wi-Fi hotspots will be available.  Please be sure to complete the needs-assessment survey that has been shared so we can adequately provide resources to families.


What if my child’s device won’t work? What if Canvas won’t let them submit their work? What happens if a computer breaks or is not working and a student cannot get online to get instruction?

  • Students who need help logging in to any of their school accounts, resetting their password, or other technology assistance can call the City View Help Desk at 503-376-8552

  • Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

  • Students can also submit a Help Ticket for support

Are you keeping attendance?

  • Yes.  Per ODE requirements attendance will be taken daily by interaction with your child's teacher.  Attendance will be measured by daily interaction within a 24 hour period of time.  Participating in video lessons, assignment submission and small group groups all constitute attendance for students. If a student will be absent and unable to participate in virtual learning for the day, the guardian should email the student’s teachers and/or front office manager to let them know. 

How will you address students’ social and emotional needs?

  • Teachers are asked to consider students’ social and emotional needs as part of their lesson planning, and their primary focus during this time will be focusing on connecting with students and ensuring their well-being. In addition, counselors and wellness counselors are reaching out to some students on an individual basis.

 How do I get in touch with my child’s teacher?

  • You can continue to email your child’s teacher and principal if you have questions or reach out to them via other communications channels that they have shared.

My child has unique needs. How will they be supported?

  • Teachers will consider every child’s needs in designing instruction and targeted support. Teachers can leverage accessibility tools in Canvas and other programs such as MAPs and Dreambox to differentiate and personalize needs of our students.

Are the online classes going to be livestreamed, or will it be a pre-recorded lesson (from their instructor) that they watch, or will the student be given a link to an online module to go through?   

  • Teachers will provide synchronous (scheduled) learning, where students can connect with their teachers and peers in real time, to be delivered live via Zoom.  Also, they will be recorded so that students can review, if needed.

In this virtual space, how do I get updated information to the school?

  • Telephone numbers, cell phones, work phones, pagers, and emergency contacts are especially important in the event of illness or emergency.  Parents should update ParentVue to ensure the school office has the most accurate contact information.  Should these numbers change during the school year, please notify the school office immediately, so that we may update our records.  The school will be publishing family newsletters twice a month with updated school information. 

If a student or family has an issue with the implementation of the student’s IEP, who should the student or parent contact to discuss the issue?   

  • The family should contact their child’s school principal and special education teacher to discuss their concern. If there are additional concerns that have not been resolved, please contact    

How will City View provide virtual learning for Kindergarten students?  

  • City View is committed to providing a quality Kindergarten program for students. During virtual learning, CVCS Kinder teachers will connect with students virtually to provide lessons from the Kinder curriculum using both live and pre-recorded formats. Virtual instruction will be developmentally appropriate in content and length of time. Teachers will also be providing information on at-home activities to further support students’ learning experiences. A parent/guardian will need to accompany the child throughout this learning experience, including virtual sessions for the first few weeks of class. 


How long will City View be teaching in a comprehensive distance learning model?  

Our City View board has decided to remain in comprehensive distance learning until the end of first semester, which is January 29th 2021.  Our school board will continue to review guidance from the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Education to assess the situation.  


Will fieldwork fees be charged this year? 

At this time we will not be asking parents to pay fieldwork fees since we are not able to go out into the field.  Our school board will reevaluate if we are able to return to school and provide in person fieldwork.  


How will parents learn how to use the new tools?

Staff will be providing training on new tools to acclimate parents to new technology systems. 


How will students learn how to use the new tools?

Teachers will teach students how to use the tools.  The first two weeks of school will focus on getting students comfortable and acclimated to the new technology.  Having a growth mindset will be helpful in learning new tools. 


Will there be tech support?

Yes, Becky Mills is our technology support coordinator and she will be available for support during specific hours.  A ticket system has been created to help streamline support. 


How will a household with both working parents manage CDL?

The comprehensive distance learning model can be challenging to navigate.  Reaching out for support is crucial if you need help.  Champions will be providing childcare support as well as comprehensive distance learning 


Will there be wellness support?

Our wellness program is crucial to students' social emotional learning.  The program will continue with virtual support with a consistent schedule 


How long will the school day be?  

The school day is shortened from the typical brick and mortar schedule.  


How do I support my students if they are struggling?

Teachers will have designated office hours weekly.  Students and parents can reach out to schedule a time to connect with teachers to support them with challenges. Counselors will be available to support social-emotional needs, as well. 


How will students with IEPs be serviced?

Students with IEPs will be serviced with synchronous instruction to meet IEP goals.  The special education team will meet with teachers to devise a plan on best ways to meet each student’s individual needs. If and when Washington County meets the health metrics we will be able to service students with in person instruction for 2 hours per day.  


Can I request a classroom placement?

Parents can request a classroom placement,but we cannot guarantee your preferred placement.   
















What are the virtual classroom expectations for my child during this virtual learning period?

  • Students are expected to participate daily by connecting with their teacher through the online platform Canvas. Each classroom will have collaboratively created norms and expectations for the digital learning environment. 

What can I do if my child needs additional support in academics or behavior?

  • Please contact your principal and/or counselor to schedule a support-team meeting (SSP-Team). Time is allotted weekly to review intervention needs and support to students in these areas.





Learning Platform
How to Access
Platform used to provide asynchronous virtual instruction to students.

Flipgrid is a free video discussion platform for CVCS students that can be used on any mobile device or computer. It allows our teachers to both see and hear from students in class.


In Flipgrid, educators post discussion prompts or videos and students respond with short videos. The Flipgrid apps are available for Android and iOS. Students log in to classes with the CVCS credentials.

Platform used to send communication to students and families and provide synchronous virtual instruction for.

City View uses Zoom to connect through video, document sharing and screen sharing. Students can log in to their accounts through canvas for ease.  Students can  login using CVCS credentials.

Canvas is our learning management program that students and families can use to view the schedule, assignments and submission to teachers.

Students will login Canvas using their CVCS credentials.  Parents can download the Canvas parent app to track assignments to support students.

Fall 2020
Additional questions please refer to the Fall 2020 Parent FAQ sheet