All City View students that currently qualify for the Free and Reduced lunch Program through the State of Oregon can pick up breakfast and lunch meals starting September 14. 



Parents can pick up meals every Monday starting Sept 14th from 2 to 4pm on City View’s 

main Campus.  Please proceed to the drive through, provide your student name to the staff. 

The staff will request you to open the back of your vehicle if possible for countless [placement of your

lunch box.


The lunch boxes will contain 5 days worth of lunches and breakfasts.  


Qualifying for Free and Reduced Lunches

With the changes to the state’s requirements many more families may qualify for free or reduced lunches.  If you feel your family may qualify please fill out the forms below and return to  THe forms are also available at the school and may be returned there as well.

Free and Reduced Lunches Application